I am a software engineer working for Red Hat in Raleigh, NC. My work is focused on OpenShift/Kubernetes automation, both deploying the platforms and deploying applications on top of them. I’ve also worked extensively on Kubernetes-Ansible integration. I am currently contributing to the OpenShift Python client, the Kubernetes and OpenShift Ansible modules, the OpenShift installer, and a variety of Golang projects focused around integration between Operators and Ansible. I have also been contributing most of my free time to a home-centric OpenShift deployment, running a containerized Rook managed Ceph cluster for storage.

My interests include functional programming, formal software verification, and automation. I’m most experienced with Python, Ruby, and Go, but I have enjoyed hacking in Coq, Haskell, and lately Idris. I’m also intimately familiar with Ansible and have a love-hate relationship with Puppet.

In my free time I like to read about cool new experimental languages with proof systems like Idris, and hack on open source projects. I also enjoy abusing Python’s flexibility to integrate functional programming concepts into the language. I can usually be found hanging out with my wife and dogs, playing board games, or practicing my freestyles in Rocket League.