My open source contributions primarily revolve around Infrastructure/Platform as a Service deployment and automation.

The projects I most actively contribute to are:

  • openshift-restclient-python - A generated python client for OpenShift/kubernetes. Closely related to the kubernetes client-python project.
  • home-cluster - A project to handle the deployment of an OpenShift cluster targeted for normal home environments. This is what I use for my home openshift cluster and what I hope will act as the hub for my future home automation efforts.
  • openshift-ansible - The official installer for OpenShift.
  • ansible k8s - Ansible modules for interacting with the Kubernetes and OpenShift API.
  • ansible-service-broker - An Open Service Broker that allows you to use containerized Ansible playbooks to deploy applications to OpenShift directly from the OpenShift UI.
  • python-rake - A Python implementation of the Rapid Automatic Keyword Extraction (RAKE) algorithm as described in: Rose, S., Engel, D., Cramer, N., & Cowley, W. (2010). Automatic Keyword Extraction from Individual Documents. In M. W. Berry & J. Kogan (Eds.), Text Mining: Theory and Applications: John Wiley & Sons.

I also have contributed to a variety of open source projects, including Foreman, Ansible, and Ansible Container