I’m breaking my long silence on this blog to talk about my most recent project.

As a quick update, in 2016 I joined Red Hat, to work on a project that deployed cloud infrastructure products through a wizard-like UI. My team has since transitioned to working on Openshift, focusing on easy, generic ways to deploy and configure applications. This project is branching directly off that work. It deploys infrastructure and applications with miminal manual intervention.

You can see the project here. It is in a very WIP state, this blog post was as much to organize my own thoughts and plans as it was to announce the project.


This is a repository of playbooks/scripts to deploy, configure, and manage a private cloud for your home (well, my home). Ideally I’d like this to be an easy way to set up your own home private cloud and scale it easily on hardware you have laying around. This would be useful for things like setting up your home with local network backups or connecting IOT devices (like security cameras and other sensors) without needing to send all your information to some third party.


My wife is a photographer, and generates between 1TB and 3TB of media per year. I am a software engineer working on Openshift, and have a variety of applications running on our local network, spread around a ton of hardware. I’m sick of manually configuring/fixing things, and was hoping to leverage some of my professional experience to provide a secure local network backup system for my wife, and a good platform for hosting/running applications for me.



  • 1 server that will handle meta-cluster stuff (AKA, foreman + VPN). I’m currently looking at running this on an Intel NUC or something. Raspberry Pi might work, but I think there may be some issues with foreman + PXE + ARM
  • N servers that will serve as openshift nodes. I’m currently using 5 old office desktops that I got on ebay for $30 each, they have Core 2 Duos and 4GB DDR3 RAM.
    • More drives is better
    • More RAM is better


  • Static IP for Foreman
  • Will need to configure your router to forward tftp traffic to Foreman
  • Will need a wildcard domain pointing to your openshift cluster (for routes to work)
    • I think it might be possible to configure Foreman with DNS to handle this. If so, just need your router to use foreman for DNS

What will this do?

  • Deploy Foreman with TFTP and DNS
  • Deploy a VPN (probably openVPN)
  • Create CentOS Atomic PXE boot images (mostly done already)
  • Deploy Openshift Origin (this is done)
  • Deploy glusterfs daemonset (I have this mostly done, but will switch to using the gk-deploy tool)
    • Configuration of gluster for dynamic persistent volume provisioning
  • Deployment and configuration of various services (feel free to add PRs to expand this list, it’s a wishlist)

Contributions welcome!

Feel free to hop into the IRC chat, submit issues/PRs, whatever! At first this will likely be very specific to my hardware setup, but I’ll work on making it more generic, which should happen naturally over time as I mix and match my hardware more.

IRC discussion on freenode #home-cluster